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Does the color of my urine matter?



One of the greatest feelings ever for a human being to experience is releasing urine (pee) after holding it in for a long time. Finally getting to release it can be such a refreshing experience.

Urinating is a healthy activity which the body engages in to rid itself of toxic and unwanted substances. However, keen attention should be given to one’s urine because the color of urine communicates a lot about an individual’s health. The natural color of urine is yellow, but, in some cases the color may be white, blue, red, green or even black. The different pigments in foods eaten or medications taken is carried through the digestive tract, and effect change in color of urine. Learning about the various colors of urine can increase awareness about one’s health and the necessary steps to take.

Below is a color chart which simplifies the various colors of urine and their corresponding explanations.


Clear urine is a sign that an individual is taking much more water than the body requires. Even though being hydrated is a good thing, overhydration can rob one’s body of electrolytes which can cause comas, seizures and cardiac arrest. There is no need to panic if one sees that the urine is clear, but constant clear urine should alert the said individual to reduce his or her water intake.


This is a color which indicates normal urine. There is no cause for alarm when the color of urine is yellow.


Red or pink urine may result from eating foods with naturally deep pink or magenta pigments such as beetroot and blueberries. However, health conditions such as enlarged prostate, kidney stones and tumors in the bladder or kidney.

It is also possible that the color may be red as a result of the presence of blood in the urine.


If urine appears orange, it could be a symptom of dehydration. If urine is orange and accompanied by light colored stool, bile may be getting to the bloodstream due to issues with bile ducts or liver. Adult-onset jaundice can also cause orange urine.


Blue or green urine is a very rare event which could be caused by food coloring, or the result of dyes in medical tests performed on kidneys or bladder.

Pseudomonas aeruginosa bacterial infection can also cause urine to turn blue, green or even purple.


In most cases, dark brown urine indicates dehydration. It can also be a side effect of certain medications such as metronidazole (Flagyl) and chloroquine (Aralen). Dark brown urine could also be a sign of liver disease, as it can be caused by bile getting into the urine.


Cloudy urine could be a sign of urinary tract infection, a symptom of chronic diseases or kidney conditions. Cloudy urine could also be an indicator of dehydration. In cases where cloudy urine is accompanied with foam or bubbles, one should immediately see a doctor because that could be a symptom of serious health conditions such as a Crohn’s disease.

Talking about urine amongst an elite group is quite rare, but knowing facts about urine including its odor, consistency and color can positively influence one’s lifestyle and wellbeing. People need to learn more about their urine and how best they can ensure that they stay healthy.

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I regret some comments made during my 2018 CNN Interview – Moesha Boduong




Ghanaian actress and social media influencer, Moesha Buodong a few days ago said she regrets some comments made during her 2018 interview on CNN. The social media influencer was heavily criticized when she revealed she was dating a married man because “Ghana is hard”.

According to her, “In Ghana, our economy is such a way that you need someone to take care of you. You can’t make enough money as a woman here. Because even when you want to get an apartment, in Ghana they take two years’ advance and I just started working , where will I get money to pay?”
Three years down the line she has indicated her regret.

“Growing up and looking back, I would have retracted. I don’t think I would have gone to sit there and spoken the truth about myself the way I did. But it’s all good. That’s me, I just don’t lie. I grow from situations and make sure I become a better person.

“It was my truth at that time and I wanted her to know about it. But at this time, I think I wouldn’t have done that. It’s just people judging me all the time. Though I’m not that kind of person, I have been judged based on my comments,” she said in an interview on GhanaWeb’s Talkertainment.

Reacting to this on United Showbiz on UTV, Kumawood actress, Christiana Awuni said since Moesha has now regretted making such comments, she should go back to CNN to retract.

“Nonetheless, we thank God she has expressed her regret…” she added.


Moesha Boduong

What Lessons Can We As Individuals Learn from Situations like This? .I will drop mine below.Feel Free and Drop Yours In the Comment Session.


  • Never make permanent decisions /utterances based on temporary feelings or situations
  • Think twice before you speak, because your words and influence will plant the seed of either success or failure in the mind of another

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Kim Kardashian has filed to divorce Kanye West after 7 years of marriage, but our sources say it’s as amicable as a divorce can be.

Kim is asking for joint legal and physical custody of the couple’s 4 kids. Sources with direct knowledge tell TMZ Kanye is fine with the joint custody arrangement, and we’re told both Kim and Ye are committed to co-parenting together.

There’s a prenup and we’re told neither party is contesting it. In fact, our sources say they are already far along in reaching a property settlement agreement.

The docs, filed by disso queen Laura Wasser, don’t list a date of separation … it’s listed as to be determined. The date is almost irrelevant because their split has been so well-chronicled in the news and social media.

It was during the last half of 2020 when things got super rocky for Kimye … West launched his Presidential campaign on July 4 and weeks later held a bizarre campaign event in South Carolina. At one point, a sobbing Kanye told a story of a discussion he had with Kim … talking about abortion when she was pregnant with their first child.

It wasn’t long after that when Kanye took a series of shots at the Kardashian/Jenner family on Twitter, at one point referring to the matriarch, Kris Jenner, as “Kris Jong-Un.”

Multiple sources with direct knowledge told us Kim was ready to call it quits after Kanye’s outbursts, if not for Kanye going through a serious bipolar episode. She had felt it would be cruel to end the marriage when he wasn’t doing well.

Things got so rocky, the couple had been living separately for a few months. He was spending a lot of his time in Wyoming while she was in Calabasas with the kids. The issue? We were told it wasn’t contentious or ugly … but their differences in lifestyle and politics were chief, among others.

You’ll recall they took a family vacation late last year, to see if they could repair things … before that, Kim flew to Wyoming for an emotional face-to-face with Kanye for the first time since Kanye’s off-the-rails campaign rally.

Kim and Kanye met in the early 2000s and he first made an appearance on “Keeping up with the Kardashians” in a 2010 episode when he visited her and Kourtney’s DASH store in NYC. Kim, at the time, was dating Kris Humphries. Kanye would later profess his love for Kim in 2012 with his “Cold” track. They started dating soon thereafter.

Kim gave birth to North West in June 2013 before Kim and Kanye tied the knot at a lavish wedding in Italy in May 2014. Kim and Kanye have 4 kids together … North, Chicago, Psalm and Saint.

This will be Kim’s third divorce. She was married to music producer Damon Thomasbefore they divorced in 2004. She married Humphries in August 2011 but she filed for divorce after 72 days. This is Kanye’s first divorce.


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