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Does the color of my urine matter?



One of the greatest feelings ever for a human being to experience is releasing urine (pee) after holding it in for a long time. Finally getting to release it can be such a refreshing experience.

Urinating is a healthy activity which the body engages in to rid itself of toxic and unwanted substances. However, keen attention should be given to one’s urine because the color of urine communicates a lot about an individual’s health. The natural color of urine is yellow, but, in some cases the color may be white, blue, red, green or even black. The different pigments in foods eaten or medications taken is carried through the digestive tract, and effect change in color of urine. Learning about the various colors of urine can increase awareness about one’s health and the necessary steps to take.

Below is a color chart which simplifies the various colors of urine and their corresponding explanations.


Clear urine is a sign that an individual is taking much more water than the body requires. Even though being hydrated is a good thing, overhydration can rob one’s body of electrolytes which can cause comas, seizures and cardiac arrest. There is no need to panic if one sees that the urine is clear, but constant clear urine should alert the said individual to reduce his or her water intake.


This is a color which indicates normal urine. There is no cause for alarm when the color of urine is yellow.


Red or pink urine may result from eating foods with naturally deep pink or magenta pigments such as beetroot and blueberries. However, health conditions such as enlarged prostate, kidney stones and tumors in the bladder or kidney.

It is also possible that the color may be red as a result of the presence of blood in the urine.


If urine appears orange, it could be a symptom of dehydration. If urine is orange and accompanied by light colored stool, bile may be getting to the bloodstream due to issues with bile ducts or liver. Adult-onset jaundice can also cause orange urine.


Blue or green urine is a very rare event which could be caused by food coloring, or the result of dyes in medical tests performed on kidneys or bladder.

Pseudomonas aeruginosa bacterial infection can also cause urine to turn blue, green or even purple.


In most cases, dark brown urine indicates dehydration. It can also be a side effect of certain medications such as metronidazole (Flagyl) and chloroquine (Aralen). Dark brown urine could also be a sign of liver disease, as it can be caused by bile getting into the urine.


Cloudy urine could be a sign of urinary tract infection, a symptom of chronic diseases or kidney conditions. Cloudy urine could also be an indicator of dehydration. In cases where cloudy urine is accompanied with foam or bubbles, one should immediately see a doctor because that could be a symptom of serious health conditions such as a Crohn’s disease.

Talking about urine amongst an elite group is quite rare, but knowing facts about urine including its odor, consistency and color can positively influence one’s lifestyle and wellbeing. People need to learn more about their urine and how best they can ensure that they stay healthy.

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What is Clubhouse All About?




Few months ago Twitter made news for rolling out a voice tweet feature that allowed users to record and post messages. But fortunately for its users,another fast rising social network Clubhouse has been on the trend and also seeking to have the last word in the world of voice-driven social media.

Users around the world are of the view that Clubhouse can become prodigious overnight.It is for this reason we write about what Clubhouse is all about.

What is Clubhouse?

Clubhouse is a new type of network based on voice. When you open the app you can see “rooms” full of people talking—all open so you can hop in and out, exploring different conversations. You enter each room as an audience member, but if you want to talk you just raise your hand, and the speakers can choose to invite you up. Or you can create a room of your own. It’s a place to meet with friends and with new people around the world—to tell stories, ask questions, debate, learn, and have impromptu conversations on thousands of different topics.

So its however,more like a social media platform that allows you to listen in to experts talk on various subjects in real time (and often get to ask questions of them too). Most are structured as a live podcast with Q&A. But like a podcast or Instagram account, anyone can jump on and host a conversation.It’s still in beta, which means only for iPhone users at this point.Why?..This is because features to handle large amount of people are yet to be built.Therefore the only means to ensure that the app functions well is to limit the amount of users who can join every week by virtual invites only.Its also important to note that Clubhouse is voice only so you don’t have to worry about putting on makeup before you join .You also have no reason to worry about where you are, and what you are wearing,all you need to do is to just ‘Talk”.

Another thing you need to know about Clubhouse is that, Instead of typing something and hitting Send, you’re engaged in a back-and-forth dialogue with others.Something i believe will give us the opportunity to build more empathy and robust connections with people.

One of the main ways Clubhouse has been able to make a splash quickly is by getting A- listers in myriad fields to try it. Oprah is perhaps the most famous person to have been seen on Clubhouse. Movie stars like Kevin Hart, Chris Rock, and Jared Leto have also been spotted on it, CNBC reported.

Unlike most social media apps where you can get caught up on the day’s news after the fact, Clubhouse is one where you’ve got to be there to avoid missing out. None of the conversations are recorded, and transcripts are not made available after the fact.

“It’s all ephemeral,” Clubhouse member Meltem Demirors told the Wall Street Journal. “It creates this cool urgency.”

This both encourages people to spend time on the app, and also makes time spent on Clubhouse feel more like a face-to-face conversation offline.

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INS3NKU Releases New Single- “Sunny Vibes”




Ghanaian Young Gospel Star Ins3nku has brought to the global space another brand new single ”Sunny Vibes” ,a magnum opus as described by many great producers around the world,

Sunny Vibes is a reflection of how crazy the year has been for every Tom,Dick and Harry around the globe.The song projects the message that God should grant us strength not to give up hope because we know with him by our side,we will sail through every storm, and our end will be great

Ins3nku is noted for delivering sweet contemporary gospel music,and this makes him appealing to lovers and patrons of good gospel music. He has carved a niche for himself in the gospel music scene as one of the fastest growing contemporary gospel musicians in the country.

Ins3nku after releasing ”Emmanuel” and ”Free” has been on the bill of many gospel shows in Ghana and abroad ,performing to the admiration of different varieties of audience.His music has indeed been cheered on by lots of great musicians in Ghana and beyond.

Check Out The Single Below

Sunny Vibes

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Quarantine Diaries: Woman Cries Out As Her 17yr Old Son Impregnates His Two Younger Sisters.




Abuchi Onwumelo,a Nigerian Journalist and a Public Relations Expert narrates how a 17 year old boy impregnates his two younger sisters during Lockdown.

Read full story below:

A Devastated mother on social media has posted a tragic tale to seek advice about what steps to take to deal with her dilemma.

According to her, her 17-year-old son simultaneously impregnated her daughters, aged 15 and 13. The woman clarified that she worked during the lockdown, and her kids are trapped at home because of the ban on school activities.

At this time the only person who has access to their home is the cleaner girl who comes to the house to wash and clean. The woman narrating how it happened revealed that she learned that the 15-year-old daughter had pregnancy symptoms.

She confronted her after testing and confirming that she is pregnant and admitted that she was sleeping with her elder brother, who is only 17 years old. That was when she also revealed her 13-year-old sister has also been sleeping with their brother.

Shocked and saddened, she learned that the youngest daughter is also pregnant and he is responsible as well. She approached the eldest son as politely and kindly as she could, and stated that he had slept with his sisters. In other words, he ‘s responsible for their pregnancies.

Today, the woman appears to be a committed Christian and her religion forbids abortion. So, she doesn’t know what to do and asks for help.

Whats Your Take on This ?………Tell us

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