Things I Wish I Knew At Early Age That Would Have Changed My Life.

If you find someone smarter than you, work with them and you’ll learn a lot.

Even if you trust your close friends and family, never tell them everything.

Skills and financial education is 10x better than a college degree.

Let people win arguments on purpose to conserve your mental peace.

If you continue waiting for the “right time ”, you’ll waste your entire life and nothing will change.

To realize the value of your life, you need to cut 99% of your friends who don’t help you grow.

Your employer does not care about you. If you can make money elsewhere, do it.

Train yourself to take nothing personally to save yourself from 99% of mental problems.

Normalize losing petty arguments on purpose and you’ll save your mental health.

The most difficult mission on earth is to focus on your dreams; the easiest task is to complain.

Be willing to let go of friendships that don’t serve you.

You’ll never regret spending 1 hour in the gym. It’s the best form of therapy you’ll ever experience.

Starting businesses offline and online will teach you more about business than a 4-year college degree.

Stop taking advice from people who aren’t where you want to be in life.

The smarter you become, the more you admit you know nothing and embrace learn.

If you want to be successful than 99%, look at what they do, then do the exact opposite.

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