Morning Builds Momentum

Use your morning to set you up for the rest of the day
Build good habits in the morning
Have a solid morning routine
Don’t EVER hit snooze, no matter how tired you are
Get up in the morning right away

Compound Interest will Change Your Life

The small things add up to the big things
Do the small things daily
Build your foundation brick by brick
Have a small win right away in your day and have more small wins throughout the day

Action is King

Want to accomplish something? take action.
Want to be successful? take action.
have a lot of things built up? take action.
lots of work to get done? take action.
procrastinating? scared? lonely? take action.
All can be solve by taking calculated actions

Health is Undefeated

YOU NEED TO take care of yourself- mentally, physically, and spiritually.
health isn’t eating right and exercising.
its taking care of the whole.
If you eat shit, think shit, and act like shit- life will be shit.
take care of your body, mind and soul

Life is About Moments

Reading this is a moment
i bet you remember your favorite moments
Life is full of them, they occur at every second
Make sure to use them to your advantage, don’t waste them thinking about something that isn’t here or has passed
Live IN each moment.

Reality is Created Within the Mind

With this information, you can learn that by changing your mindset you can change your life.
How to change your mindset?
Change what you eat, listen to, say, think, do, and who you hang around
Align with who you WANT to be, not who you are

Habits Run Your Life

Our bodies have a built in autopilot
The subconscious
It runs our day to day lives
Develop good habits to help it run better
when it runs more efficiently it’s easier to get to big goals because you are doing it on auto

Life IS the Journey

This is a big one
Life isnt the destination, the vacation, the end goal
Life IS what you do everyday.
Life is where you work
Life is who you work with
Life is what you do in your spare time
Its not the vaca, so make sure IT ALL is enjoyable to you

Find a Hobby

Life is more enjoyable when you are doing things you enjoy
So find something to do in your spare time that makes you happy, makes you smile, and makes you laugh.
Mixing this with your job is an incredible way to wake up with your soul on fire
Do more of it

Your Comfort Zone is Awful

You need to do new things.
How will you know what you like if you don’t try things
You won’t
Try things you never thought about trying
Do weird things
And if nobody will join you, do it alone.
Life rocks when you hang with yourself more

Everyday Will Not Be Rainbows

It will rain
It will storm
You will get knocked over
Stepped on
Trampled over
And thats okay
Get back up
Wipe off the dirt
And keep going
Life doesn’t stop
It keep going, so don’t let the rain and dirt kill your spirit


Wasn’t then, isn’t now, and will never be.
Stop feeling like you’re the victim
Life is happening for you, not to you.
Realize that your mindset determines your life, and only you can change it.
Don’t blame anyone else
Take full responsibility

Learn The Art of Negotiation

Save money at the car dealer
Get paid for what you’re worth
Make more, save more
Enjoy life a little bit more
Learn to negotiate and life will never be dull
Which leads me to:

Learn About Humans

In any way, shape, or form.
Different religious texts
People watching
These will make you see life from a different point of view
This view will help you see people as they are-
Learn their nature.

The only way to get what you want is:

  1. Hard work (giving it 110%)
  2. Consistency (doing it everyday)
  3. Persistence (doing it when you don’t want to)
  4. Patience (doing it for a long time)
    And there is no way around it.

Credit: mindset of stoics

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