Insight Elite Networking Council Opens to Nigerians, Ghanaians, and Other Africans

Insight.ng, a media and publication company in Nigeria, has announced that its Elite Networking Council is open to the entire African continent, including Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya, and others. 

The networking council comprises highly influential individuals in Business, Career, Lifestyle, and Technology. The brand’s ultimate goal is to bring together innovative personnel who are doing well in their businesses to brainstorm on how to contribute to the African continent.

The Insight Elite Networking community, also known as the council, currently has five categories: Business Elite, Career Elite, Lifestyle Elite, Tech Elite, and Campus Elite.

According to Taiwo Sotikare, founder and CEO of Insight.ng, officially Insight Elite Media and Publication Ltd, “Having a sustainable networking community will go a long way in helping us bridge our journey. And a project that could take ten years can be shotten to 3 years through effective networking and collation. Networking is the lifeblood of any community, online or offline – it’s how we turn a one-way flow of information into collective intelligence. By fostering connections in your respective community, we develop a space where people can meet to share their knowledge, ask questions, and get support for their work.”

He further lays emphasis on real motivation and why the brand has kept the elite categories into the 5 subs. He said building a business in Africa is not an easy thing. And the same thing for building a sustainable career, Or developing an innovative tech project. Our lifestyle really needs close attention considering our current standard of living in the African community. And finally, impact our students right from their higher institution and prepare them for afterschool life.

The networking council will be both online and offline. The sub-division is to help the team concentrate on individuals in their respective fields and groom them for maximum growth. 

Members of the council will have access to promote their business and activities across all the brand platforms, including the blog (www.insight.ng) and the youtube channel (InsightElite).

To learn more about the networking community : https://insight.ng/press/insight-elite-networking/ 

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