Men, If You’re Not Happy with Your Position in Life, Read This:

You’re not happy with your life because something is missing.Maybe you’re poor, bored,lonely or out of shape.I don’t know the exact reason your life sucks.But you do.Not only do you know the problem, but you know exactly HOW to solve it.
-You could be learning a new skill.
-You could be out making friends or meeting ladies.
You could be dialing in your diet and exercise regimen.

What we’ve established is this:
You don’t have a knowledge problem.
-You have a DISCIPLINE problem.You know exactly what you have to do but you just can’t get yourself to do it.

I could end right here, but I’m not going to.Why?
You see, life is like a maze:It’s already hard enough to complete as it is.
But if you’re walking through it with a blindfold on, it’s damn near impossible.

That’s why I’m going to take your blindfold off.The first step to solving a problem is being aware the problem exists.So I’m going to give you 3 (of many) reasons why you can’t get yourself to do the things you logically, rationally KNOW you have to do.


“Oh But wait, I really want to be rich, be in good shape and fulfill purpose”
Thats false , and you know it.
You know what you “really want” to do?
You “really want” to watch Netflix,party everyday, sleep all night long , get drunk, and play video games until you’re blue in the face.

Doing something that will actually make your life better is going to take EFFORT.And in your mind, the juice is simply not worth the squeeze.The amount of comfort you have right now is MORE VALUABLE to you than the perceived chance of success you have from improving.

You have to reframe your goals as an urgent life-or-death situation – because they are.
Sure, maybe things are okay now.But what if you stay the same for the next 10 years? 20 years? 50 years?
Will you be happy on your deathbed, all alone, with no achievements to your name?

You don’t want it badly right now because you “have so much time”.And you will continue to “have so much time” until the day you die.THAT’S when all the regrets start seeping in.And by the time you get there, it will be far too late.Don’t let yourself wait that long.


You have self-limiting beliefs that paralyze you from taking action.You think you have ADHD, your genetics are bad, you’re an introvert, you have autism, etc.I’ve heard it all, and it’s all bs.

Any excuse you give me, I will show you someone who had it WORSE than you and have accomplished goals beyond your wildest dreams.
You will write them off as exceptions, without ever considering that YOU could become the exception, with just a little bit of effort.

How are there men raised by poor families in bad neighborhoods who got rich?
How are there men with crippling diseases and missing limbs who are stronger than you?None of this is luck.
Luck is simply hard work driven by desire.You are the only one stopping yourself.

When you start taking enough shots, “getting lucky” is almost guaranteed.The universe rewards those who keep showing up no matter what.Was the guy who tried 100,000 times and finally struck gold “lucky”? Or was it simply a matter of time before it happened?


You’re afraid of injury, afraid of rejection, afraid of being judged…
Let me ask you:
How did other men managed to do the exact same thing you’re afraid to do?
You know they were afraid the first time too, right?
Fear is simply an EMOTION.
The same way DESIRE is an emotion.I can desire a hamburger, and choose not to eat one.In the same way, I can fear going to an MMA class, and choose to go anyway.Why?

If you let your emotions control you, you are like a feather in the wind.Wherever it blows, you simply go along.You are like a puppet, a doll, a remote control car.You don’t get to choose your destiny – your emotions do.You need to practice the art of recognizing when you’re acting emotionally.

Always be asking yourself:
“Am I doing this because I want to, or because it’s good for me?”
Making the right choice becomes much easier when you’re actually aware there’s more than one option.

Look, they never taught any of this in school.And frankly, I don’t know why.Because discipline is not hard with the right mental models and systems in place.
In fact, it becomes automatic.Like brushing your teeth.You don’t have to make an effort – you just DO it.

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Credit : Masculine Soul

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